St. John’s Blue Vestments and Hangings

This page provides additional images of the new Advent paraments for St. John’s Episcopal Church, Royal Oak, MI. The textile arts were commissioned by Claudia Osborn and the Memorial Committee as a memorial for Marcia Baker. Created by Collette’s Studio, they were dedicated Advent 1 (November 27), 2011.

As liturgical art, we expect the finest workmanship, as shown in these images.

Detail from Lectern Frontal

Detail, Lectern Frontal

The detailed, intricate needlework contributes to the overall look when viewed from a distance, but rewards close inspection.

Detail, reverse side of altar frontal

Detail, Reverse side of altar frontal

Button tabs on the large altar frontal allow for easier care by the Altar Guild. Notice also the finished seams and careful attention to detail.

Back side of altar frontal, showing column and overall fabric design

Back side of four-sided altar frontal

The back side (liturgical east) of the altar frontal has a different appearance, with asingle column on an overall fabric design. Some have suggested rotating the frontal so this side shows to the congregation from time to time.

2 thoughts on “St. John’s Blue Vestments and Hangings

  1. Very beautiful work. I hope it is as satisfying as the work in your previous life.

    I’m still developing training materials, but not for much longer. I will likely leave the business for other endeavors next spring. I think what we did back then was far better that anything I see today.

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